A Funny Thing Happened to and from Work

The other morning on my way to work my sense of smell was so strong, I could smell every passenger on the train's breath. I could even smell what they'd had for breakfast. One guy had apparently had booze for breakfast. I looked at him disapprovingly. "Before work??" my look said...tsk tsk. He looked ashamed. Anyway, it was absolutely disgusting.

On the way home, there were these teenagers (who tend to scream a lot, I've forgotten it seems). One girl kept yelling out to another very pretty girl, "Where is my girlfriend!! Come here girlfriend!". Finally, the two joined each other in the midst of the other teenagers, holding hands. The other kids asked the girls, "So, you're not lesbians or bisexual, right?". To this the more vocal girl of the couple said, "No, not. We just have this thing with each other". This answer apparently made total sense to the other teenagers and they were on to the next subject just like that.

I found this totally fascinating. Sexuality amongst urban teenagers nowadays is about as important a decision as what type of music you like. It was the first time I'd ever felt like I'd really experienced a generation gap. This would never have gone down so easily when I was in high school.

It made me feel happy that with age comes the newness of seeing things for the first time...Also, as smelly and gross as the subway is, I do learn more than I ever could driving in a car. So, there you go. Eat it middle America. You're sheltered.

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