The Future is Now!

If you've never seen the film Logan's Run, the 1976 sci-fi classic, I strongly recommend it. My friend Paris brought over one night a while back and I was immediately struck by how accurately the future as we know it now is portrayed in this movie. The world is dictated by pleasure and the landscape strongly resembles a gigantic Vegas shopping mall. People communicate by typing on little gadgets (texting), and the citizens regularly go in for face and body morphs when they are bored or unhappy with their looks (plastic surgery). You also have computers that bring you lovers (internet porn). It all seems like the perfect world- except the big catch is that everyone is forced into mandatory euthanasia when they hit 30. The protagonist of the film is a "runner". You see, Logan is 29 and tomorrow is his 30th birthday...tum tum tum. Lucky for me, this has not become a part of the future (yet) or I'd be dead meat. Also, notice how in the beginning of this trailer those people floating from above making figures resemble a Cirque De Soleil show. More proof that Vegas and Cirque De Soleil are just trying to distract us from our impending decay and inevitable death. Never did like or trust those Cirque De Soliel shows....

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