Ode to Pebbles

My dog laps up the water that leaks from the fridge and as I watch him I think its absolutely brilliant. He's not ashamed, he's just thirsty and that's as good a water as any. I think that's what I love most about dogs. They do things that would be considered degrading if they weren't dogs, and make us grapple with the how insecure we are about our basic needs to eat, sleep, fuck, and be loved. Its unabashed and so endearing because there is no inner monologue or social rules to stop them from being exactly who they are and acting exactly how they feel. Even a well-trained dog is only doing so to get your love and treats, and they're not trying to hide this fact in any way. Isn't this why we have pets, so we can live vicariously through them?

Then, there are cat people. Cat people are strange, because cats play all sorts of mind games and withhold love and affection and that sort of thing. I never understood the joy in owning one when life is already filled with dealings of this kind, and I really feel we could use a break from it all. I think that if you derive a great deal of satisfaction from having to work hard to win the love and approval of your pet, you're so fucked. I really do. I apologize in advance because I realize this is judgmental, but I don't see the fun in coming home to a hard day of work and trying to coax your cat into affection. A dog is always happy to see you and that's true love as far as I am concerned. Cat people be damned, you're weird.

I'll end by saying that I do love one cat. She lives in LA. She's a chub and she has google-eyes and she's quite the diva. She's not into games and she tells you like it is. Her name is Pebbles. I do love me some Pebbles...

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