Musings on Love and Stuff

When I'm seeing a guy I usually check his horoscope along with mine just to know what to expect. I check several sites daily so this can be really time consuming. It was so much easier when I was just dating another Leo, except that the same exact thing was always happening to us everyday and I could never one up him:

"I got fired today"
"Me too"
"I won the lottery today"
"Me too"
"I cheated on you today"
"Me too"

This other guy I dated left me for another woman. I checked out her myspace profile and, of course, it totally made sense. In her "about me" section, she lists high heels, candles and love. I mean, really? Who can compete with a hot girl who thinks about candles and feathers all day long? It's so simple and soothing. Like, "The Tao of Poo-poo".

The last guy I was seeing said I tasted funny when he went down on me, so I went to the doctor and told him to check it out, but he said it tasted just fine. 

I think I'm like a dork with a makeover. But a useless dork that's not even good with technology because i'm too caught up in horses and magic. Like Laura in a "Glass Menagerie" but outgoing and without the gimp.

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