Someday you’ll be sorry...but not today

Sooooo....I got in this car accident. I was hit, actually. Totally not my fault. I had a witness and everything, and he (my witness) agreed to go to bat for me. Then I agreed to go to dinner with him. In my frenzied state, I had no time to size this guy up. I had no idea who I was going out with in fact. All I remembered was someone fuzzy being there for me in a time of need. Upon meeting for said date, I realized I was going out with a for-real serious-crew nerd. We’re talkin’ long shorts wearin’ -Pantera-lovin-big wheels drivin’-winged hair blowin- all-kindsa-collections havin’-crew nerd. So yeah, not my type, no big deal. But then I never called him again. Then after about a week and a half later I realized he’s my star witness and that if I call now its gonna look like I only did it because of my case. That just makes me look bad either way. Never, ever, never date your star witness.

Then I talked to my lawyer and he said he had everything he needed except a statement from the witness. So I had to tell him about how we went on a date I haven’t called him since and was a little worried about his cooperation. My lawyer said that I had to be really really nice to him and absolutely no "lets just be friends talk" till after the case is closed ( especially now that the person who hit me is claiming it was both our faults!). So I asked how long he thought that would be, and he said, 3-4 months. 

Uh, so, I don’t know how this happened, but I guess I have a boyfriend now. I wish I liked him better, but I suppose if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one your with. He did promise to add steps on his truck (its super-hard to get in and out out of with the giant wheels and all). And, who knows, I may grow to love Pantera and his various Japanamation doll collections.

That reminds me, last night a met a dog that absolutely hated people. If you tried to pet him, he would scurry behind a piece of furniture. The owner tried to tell me he was afraid of people, but I knew better, he wasn’t scared, he was repulsed. Kind of how I feel about my new boyfriend...

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