Paul Rudd

Recently, while out with friends at a favorite hang-out of a certain beautiful, dead, Australian actor, I ended up having a very early, champagne breakfast with an eclectic group. This group included some young, stunning model-boy, who was so boring it made me not want to speak to him for a single moment longer (he was eventually so ignored by everyone he stormed out in a diva-fit), some chubby guy that someone whispered in my ear was in the movie "Superbad", and Paul Rudd. At this point, I was so drunk I had to adjust my vision to realize that the dreamy guy from "Clueless" was sitting across from me (and trust me ladies, he only plays the good guy in the movies)...

The feedback I received from this evening from my dear friend was that I had acted "very LA". And, here's why:

I got far too drunk and said to Paul Rudd (in slurred words) "Oh my God. This is so weird. I'm writing a screenplay and I based the lead guy on you. I mean, how weird is that?!" Then I turned to my friend and said "Isn't this crazy? Who did I tell you I was writing the lead guy for?". I wait, and she looks at me blankly and says "I don't remember you saying that". Shortly after that I passed out right at the table and had to be helped into a cab.

Well, here's what I have to say to that. Yes, I suppose its true. If being "very LA" means that I no longer feel the need to make any celebrity feel comfortable by pretending to be less self-involved than I really am, then yeah, I'm very LA. Anyone who has ever spent any time with me at all knows that my favorite subjects include me, whatever pet-project I am working on, coincidences, astrology, and that I will always drink just a little too much. 

So, yeah, fuck Paul Rudd and what we can do to make him feel like he's having a "normal night". And, fuck me pretending to be down-to-earth so he can marvel at how refreshing and un-LA I was. In fact, there is nothing more hideous to me than a bunch of ego-maniacs playing down their egos. It's all about "acknowledging your giant, beautiful ego" ( thank you, Casey). Now, that's what I call, keepin' it real.

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