NY vs. LA

NY vs. LA
The NY vs. LA debate lives on and will never die. As a native New Yorker who lived in LA for three years I can say one thing is for sure, people on both coasts are full of shit. Here's why: New Yorkers are into self-deprication while Angelinos are into self-praise. But the truth is, New Yorkers are actually egomaniacs and Angelinos hate themselves.

Typical scene shopping with an LA girl

Me: How's work going?

LA Girl: Amazing!

Me: How's your boyfriend?

LA Girl: Amazing, he's perfect! (probably some "awws" here from the salesgirl)

(LA Girl comes out of dressing room in a dress)

LA Girl: Oh my god! How cute is this?

Truth: LA girl is an anorexic, coke-head who hates her job as a celebrity stylist because it makes her really insecure. Her director boyfriend is fucking every actress in LA.

Same scene with New York Girl.

Me: How's work going?

NY Girl: (sarcastic) Amazing.

Me: How's your boyfriend?

NY Girl: Fine, I guess.

(New York Girl comes out of dressing room in a dress)

NY Girl: This might look ok if I were five pounds

Truth: She loves her job as a five pound model. She's cheating on her doting boyfriend with someone better looking, probably another model.

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